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Why get screened and not wait to get sick or have symptoms

  • Lyme Disease “The Great Imitator” – when you have any of these symptoms – where do you go? Your family doctor – many are not trained to look for Lyme and being the great imitator usually misdiagnosed as flu or something else – on average it takes 5 doctors and 2 years to get a Lyme diagnosis
  • By the time you see a specialist who is trained to test and diagnose for Lyme, it might be too late. Multiple complications could set in putting you on a long, painful and very expensive road to recovery
  • In one of the worst years for Lyme disease, why not get peace of mind and get you and your family screened for Lyme disease before it’s too late

Why the GLD screen test

We believe some of the key reasons for high number of false negatives from current diagnostics is due to:

  • The current testing is limited to very small number of North American strains of borrelia. Anyone infected with a strain not being tested will result in a false negative.
  • Focusing on the wrong surface proteins of borrelia in the assay. Many tests look for proteins that show borrelia is present, not just for proteins that cause Lyme infection.

The GLD, Lyme specific, test is designed to address the shortcomings of current tests.

  • Screen for multiple variants and species of Lyme disease causing bacteria in one affordable test!
  • Proteins used in GLD Test ONLY include immunologically relevant linear epitopes of multiple Lyme causing borrelia variants. GLD screens for surface proteins that actually cause Lyme infection.

It is screening for this diversity of targets that allows for reduced false negatives in the GLD Test making it a screening tool for your peace of mind.

Hear from the inventor of the GLD diagnostic technology, Dr. Marconi (as heard on Outbreak News) below:

What you need to know about the screening event, including price and what is included

Single Screen
Base Rate 2 or more People
Rate $195 $175 per person

At our screening event we have phlebotomist and clinicians present.  GLD pays for those services and thus reducing your physician or phlebotomy co-pay costs.

Our price not only includes all phlebotomy costs and test results from our GLD test, it also includes results from a competitive test we do at no charge.  All FedEx shipping and resulst distribution is included in one price.

We have family pricing also available

Results are sent in 5-7 business days!!!


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If you are concerned you may have Lyme disease consult your physician. For info on the GLD test, visit: glymedx.com/terms.