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Designing and developing breakthrough diagnostic tests for Lyme Disease

Misdiagnosis of Lyme Disease is a core issue. In addition to inaccurate current standard diagnostic tests, the disease can masquerade as many things – juvenile arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis and a host of other maladies.

Global Lyme Diagnostics has developed a breakthrough diagnostic solution specific to Lyme Disease and grounded in science. The GLD test, developed by Dr. Richard T. Marconi (a Professor in the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center), is designed to significantly decrease the number of patients being misdiagnosed.

We believe some of the key reasons for high number of false negatives from current diagnostics is due to:

  • The current testing is limited to very small number of North American strains of borrelia. Anyone infected with a strain not being tested will result in a false negative.
  • Focusing on the wrong surface proteins of borrelia in the assay. Many tests look for proteins that show borrelia is present, not just for proteins that cause Lyme infection.

The GLD, Lyme specific, test is designed to:

  • Screen for multiple variants and species of Lyme disease causing bacteria in one affordable test!
  • Proteins used in GLD Test ONLY include immunologically relevant linear epitopes of multiple Lyme causing borrelia variants. GLD screens for surface proteins that actually cause Lyme infection.

The GLD test uses novel chimeritope (chimeric proteins) technology. Our chimeritope was sequenced by Dr. Marconi to use as vaccinogens or as diagnostic antigens. Each chimeritope is derived from multiple diverse outer surface C protein (OsPC) variants, strains and species of borrelia. It is this diversity of targets that allows for reduced false negatives in the GLD Test and what sets us apart from current tests!!

The GLD test is designed for:

  1. Anyone who has symptoms of Lyme disease, or has been bitten by tick and wants to get tested with the new GLD test (note: if you feel sick we encourage you to visit your doctor)
  2. Anyone who is outdoors a lot, work outdoors, play outdoors, camps, hikes, kids who are in summer camps, camp counselors or simply likes gardening and being outdoors. One can wait to have symptoms and try and find a doctor to test them, or they can screen themselves and their families for Lyme disease have peace of mind this summer!

To earn your trust in our technology, every time we run the GLD Test not only do we provide you with results of our highly sensitive test, we also provide results from a competitor’s ELISA test. We provide this secondary test at no additional cost.

If you are interested in more information or want to request a kit please email us at info@glymedx.com or fill out the request form below.

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Pricing for Screening

Our pricing model is simple and affordable. Our price includes our kits sent via FedEx to you, the kit itself, pre-paid FedEx overnight return envelope, results from our test and results from a competitor’s test. Our price does not include any lab blood draw costs or any physician visit costs you might incur.

Test Price
Lyme Screen – includes new GLD Test (IgG and IgM) for Lyme. Also includes results from ELISA test (IgG and IgM) $195
Family of 2 or more requesting Lyme Screen at the same time $175/family member

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The GLD Test is not yet available in NY and PA.


Please visit the Resources Page to use our Lab Locator tool and find a convenient Phlebotomy Lab near you. Below are additional documents for your review. These documents will also be included in the kit you receive.