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An Affordable Lyme Disease Test That Works!

Our new breakthrough Lyme disease test, the GLD Lyme Screen, is based on decades of research by Dr. Richard Marconi, a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical School, Global Lyme Alliance Scientific Advisory Board Member, and inventor of the successful canine Lyme vaccine, launched by Zoetis.


The GLD, Lyme specific, test is designed to address the shortcomings of current tests.  Two of the key reasons for high number of false negatives from other tests on the market are:

  1. Most tests only show positives for borellia burgdoferi.  However, the species and strains of borrelia across North America is much more diverse than that resulting in many false negatives.  Some companies offer panels that tests for multiple strains by running multiple tests. However, many people find it difficult to afford such expensive panels.
  2. Antigens used in diagnostic assay for most tests target antibodies that are not created for 3-6 weeks.  Many false negatives result from patients presenting too early in their infection.

How does the GLD screen reduce false negatives?

  1. Our test uses novel chimeritope (chimeric proteins) technology. The GLD chimeritope was sequenced by Dr. Marconi to be used as a vaccinogen or as diagnostic antigens. Each chimeritope is derived from multiple diverse outer surface C protein (OsPC) variants, strains and species of borrelia. It is this diversity of targets that allows for reduced false negatives in the GLD Test.  
  2. It is also important to note the outer surface proteins on borrelia spirochetes get regulated to OsPC at the blood meal and the resulting antibodies to OsPC are created earlier in the infection.  Which also results in fewer false negatives. However, that doesn’t mean the GLD test is only for early detection, it can be used to diagnose any suspected Lyme infections.

Research Focused On Decreasing The Large Number of False Negatives in Current Tests

Misdiagnosis is a core issue, as Lyme Disease can masquerade as many things – juvenile arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis and a host of other maladies. Global Lyme Diagnostics hopes to change that with a focused solution that works.

In summary, Dr. Marconi’s research has led to this novel breakthrough called chimeritopes which increase sensitivity by eliminating proteins that are not relevant to a Lyme infection (non-OsPC targets) and can further reduce false negatives by targeting Lyme causing bacteria variants across the North American spectrum. ALL DONE IN ONE TEST MAKING IT AN AFFORDABLE SOLUTION FOR A BETTER, MORE DIVERSE SCREEN.

Physician Office Base Pricing

We care about your patients and want to help you provide them the benefit of our new technology at an affordable price. The GLD Test screens for multiple variants of Lyme causing borrelia species in one test – thus reducing the cost to your patients compared to the multiple tests required by other labs.

Contact us for physician-based pricing.

We care about your patients and want to help you provide them
the benefit of new technology at an affordable price.
Request contract prices for your practice: info@glymedx.com

Test Kit Request for Clinicians

Global Lyme Diagnostics provides physicians test collection kits with shipping materials (Prepaid FedEx Return Envelopes) at no charge.

Each individual Kit is a white GLD specimen box with a UN3373 label, and contains the following:

  • 1 Test Requisition, with sample instructions on the reverse
  • 1 SST Serum 8.5 ml Tube, with Blank Label
  • 1 Absorbent Pad
  • 1, 50 mL Conical Tube
  • 1 Metallic Bubble Mailer
  • 1 Clear Specimen Bag, with Outer Pocket for Test Requisition
  • 1 Freezer gel pack
  • 1 Pre-paid FedEx clinical pack to return specimen.

The GLD Test is not yet available in NY and PA.

Our Lyme Screen requires basic phlebotomy work. If your clinic does not have a phlebotomist or a relationship with a lab nearby, please consult our Lab Locator. Local hospitals are also typically able to do the blood work.

If you have questions about shipping, please email kits@glymedx.com, or call 919-341-1271

For International Collection Kits please contact kits@glymedx.com